January Reading: happy new year! I sincerely hope you can stick to your resolutions longer than I did last year. This year, though? It’s a different story.

Coming off the heels of a work trip to Orlando, Florida, and Athens, Greece, I was able to relax as we finished out 2019. And, speaking of Greece, here’s a photo of me leading our large co-creation workshop with 300 of my closest European friends:

I’m not sure where or when the next work trip is coming, but there are plans to head to Madrid, Spain the second week in May, and then a family vacation in June to the U.K. (or what’s left of it), Croatia, and Italy.

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  • Quartz: The 1997 merger that paved the way for the Boeing 737 Max crisis. McDonnell Douglas’ ruthless efficiency (reminds me of a growth-at-all-costs Silicon Valley mindset) turned out to be the wrong thing to integrate in the merger.
  • BBC: Coronavirus: How worried should we be? I’m filing this one under “Business” because I got an email from corporate security today that basically says if you’re currently in China and coming back to the United States, you’re working from home for 14 days before you can come in to the office, and that all inbound/outbound travel to China is on an approval/emergency basis. Corporations are taking this very seriously.

User Experience

  • Interaction Design Foundation: A Very Useful Work of Fiction – Mental Models in Design. Mental models are beliefs that a user holds about any given system or interaction within said system. Understanding how your users think/feel can greatly help you predict and design for successful future interactions. The IDF article is a quick, 5 minute read on the foundational Human-Computer Interaction concept and a great refresher for both new and experienced UX practitioners.


  • ESPNHow the internet helped crack the Astros’ sign-stealing case. Absolute bombshell in the world of sports, where the Office of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred found the Houston Astros cheating in their 2017 World Series run. Turns out, baseball twitter turned up big and cut down the investigation time a lot by producing video evidence at a breakneck pace.
  • ESPN: Lakers legend Kobe Bryant: Remembrances and reaction. I was always nothing more than a casual when it came to watching the NBA, but Kobe Bryant was one of those players that would make you stop and pay attention when the Lakers were playing.


  • St. Louis Post-DispatchMessenger: Effort to censor local libraries would set Missouri back two generations or more. Republican (who else?) Ben Baker from Neosho in southwest Missouri wants to punish public libraries that don’t appeal to his delicate sensibilities. What could possibly hurt such a strong, ‘christian’ man, stirring him to overbearing legislative action? The answer is Drag Queen Story Hours!! Clearly, the solution is to remove all funding for these libraries and send the offending librarians to jail — a totally normal reaction from a sane person who has Life and Liberty as values in his Twitter bio.



📸: Cover Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

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